The Hawk and Owl Trust site are continuously updating the status of the new Peregrine chicks.

Here are the latest photographs. Three of the four eggs have hatched into hungry, demanding chicks. The fourth egg is expected to hatch anytime now.

Proud mum and dad.
The hungry triplets.
Off for more food!

Visit the Hawk and Owl Trust website, to read more.

Egg-citing News!

Today, at about 2pm, the first of the Peregrine’s four eggs began to hatch. As the parents swapped places on the nest, we caught a glimpse of the new arrival. This video was ‘tweeted’ on the  Hawk and Owl Trust website, to celebrate the arrival.

Visit the site for more information and to keep up to date with our Peregrines. Also, why not visit the live webcam at St. John’s R.C. Church , in Bath, to see the Peregrine triplets!


This term, each class in the school has been looking after Painted Lady caterpillars. After eating their way through a pot of food, and growing to at least twenty times their original size, they are now getting ready to pupate.


We will then place them in our Butterfly Garden and wait for them to transform into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

Visit, to read all about this beautiful butterfly.




We Have Lift Off!

After a little delay, this week we received our ‘space seeds’. The seeds were in two packets, one red and one blue. We have no idea which seeds were the ones that had visited the International Space Station. 5EB worked methodically in small groups to ensure that every seed was planted correctly. It was quite tricky because each seed had to be planted in its own little modular pot. They were so small that we could hardly pick them up. Now all we have to do is wait for something to happen.

What do you think will happen to the seeds? Will we notice a difference between the two packets?

We will be keeping you updated on their progress so don’t forget to keep checking our Blog for updates.

Getting our hands dirty!
Precision planting.
Where do I plant it?
Labelling each seed.
Time for a drink.
We have lift off!
Look who we found inside the front cover.