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7 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. ‘The Hobbit’ Book Review!
    I’ve seen two of the Hobbit films and I hadn’t never read the book until now. It was epic and a magical adventure! There’s loads of characters like Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oaken Shield, Filli, Killi, Gandalf, the Elven King and Smaug (who is a mighty fire breathing dragon!). My favourite character was Bilbo because he was small and went on an incredible journey. This is an excellent book, which I would give a rating of 5 stars! I would also really recommend the films. I loved the last film ‘Battle of the Five Armies’. I’d say I’d recommend the book to those 9 years and older, because its sometimes frightening, quite difficult to read in places and there are many words. It’s really good and I recommend it to anyone who likes dragons (Oskar!), sword fighting and adventures! You should definitely read this book!


  2. I loved reading the book ‘Harry Potter and the Philhospher’s Stone’. It was very amusing. I particularly enjoyed Chapter 4 because Harry finally moves away from the Dursleys and finds freedom to do something for himself for a change.
    I recommend it to all 8-11 year olds who like something magical. 10/10


  3. Mrs Blackman, I recommend that you read Tom Gates because it’s funny and sad at the same time. I like Excellent Excuses best because Tom makes Delia’s boyfriend laugh at her baby photos without her knowing!


  4. My favourite book, at the moment, is ‘Best Friends’ by Jacqueline Wilson.

    I am really enjoying this book. There is this girl called Gemma and she has a best friend called Alice. Alice doesn’t want to tell Gemma that she is moving to Scotland! When Alice’s parents arrange a leaving party, the girls hide and discuss the situation they are in and come up with a plan to run away. They put on disguises and …


  5. I have WAY too many books to choose a favourit, but, I have 6 favourite authors: J.K.Rowling, Philip Pullman, Michael Morpurgo, Roald Dahl, J.R.R. Tolkien and Lemony Snicket.


  6. My nanny got me a book today. It is a very old book. It’s called ‘Little Women’. There are 4 sisters: Meg – the sweet -tempered one, Jo-the smart one who likes to have her say, Beth – the shy one and Amy – the sassy one. The dad, meaning the girl’s dad, goes away to war and leaves the girls on their own. They all grow up, all except one. Unfortunately one of the girls passes away.


  7. Frances Hardinge ‘A Face Like Glass’ book review 📖

    I have recently finished reading a book called ‘A Face Like Glass’ and have come to the conclusion that this might have to be the best book, like, EVER!!! I would recommend it to anyone who likes
    ADVENTURE and MYSTERY!!! Once again, THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!


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